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What we do

eTrade Procurement is a reverse auction platform that helps drive down prices. Also known as e-auctions and online auctions, reverse auctions are an internationally proven purchasing method where suppliers compete to negotiate the purchase price. Reverse auctions are commonly used to complement other purchasing methods and can be used to buy a wide range of products and services. Read More

Why online auctions?

Reduce Costs

Proven to deliver substantial cost savings

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Streamline processes

Negotiation process is paperless and transparent

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Save time

Multi supplier bidding in real time for fast, effective results

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Our Solutions

Ranked Auction

A vendor can see only their ranked position based on their $ bids placed, and can place multiple bids.

Open Auction

The vendor can view their $ bid and the ranked position of all auction participants and can bid numerous times to compete.

Sliding Auction

The purchaser sets the opening price that reduces in set increments, with each vendor allowed only one bid.

Tender Auction

Vendors can place a single bid prior to the deadline date set by the purchaser.

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How it works

Our solutions are delivered straight to your work stations or mobile device and are
supported by our team of experts. Watch the video below to learn more.

The Obvious Choice for Smart Buying


Freight congestion

Freight congestion is pushing up prices and costing companies

Freight congestion is another factor for buyers to take into account when getting goods onto shelves and minimising the impact on consumers.
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Why Wouldn’t You??!

We started eTrade Procurement so we could offer New Zealand businesses an easy
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how businesses recover

Lockdown in New Zealand had almost started to feel like a surreal part of 2020 history
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