Our Journey so Far


With last week’s launch of eTrade Procurement, New Zealand, and the world has an exciting new platform to give procurement professionals a competitive edge. Here’s a little bit of background, and behind the scenes glimpse into eTrade’s journey so far.

Andrea is a mother of three littlies, and procurement specialist. Originally from the U.K, she now lives, and is an active community member in, Kumeu, Auckland. She has considerable experience as a buyer, merchandise manager and procurement specialist, both in New Zealand and internationally, and had seen first-hand the savings, efficiencies and competitive edge that could be gained through reverse auctions. Her vision, for this negotiating platform to be available through a simple, mobile, user friendly experience has resulted in the birth of eTrade Procurement.

To bring this to fruition, Andrea brought in Pete, a father of three boys who lives in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Pete has extensive experience as an analyst and advisor in the public sector. His skills around strategic business planning, process improvement, change management, as well as a comprehensive understanding of New Zealand’s legislative and regulatory environment, made him the perfect partner to help bring eTrade to life.

It may help that Pete and Andrea are brother and sister-in-law. With spouses as siblings there is a firm familial bond, strengthened immeasurably by many fun holidays and special occasions spent together. From the seeds of Andrea’s idea, and some further conversations, over wine and scraps of Christmas dinner, the business was born.

eTrade’s mission is to provide buyers and vendors with an easier way to negotiate. Their solutions take reverse auctions to another user-friendly, market-leading level. Andrea and Pete are confident you will find their platform easy to use, efficient and best of all, it will bring your prices down.

Ultimately, their goal is for eTrade Procurement to be the obvious choice for smart buying. By making use of modern mobile technologies, the eTrade system provides a negotiation platform that is simple to use, effective at reducing costs and saving time. Additionally, it is accessible for companies of any size, and may be used for many products or services. Please get in touch and you can find out how the eTrade strategy is right for you.

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