eTrade Procurement is a reverse auction platform that helps drive down prices.

Reverse auctions are an internationally proven purchasing method where a buyer announces that they need a product or service and suppliers compete to negotiate the purchase price. They are also known as e-auctions and online auctions.

Reverse auctions are commonly used to complement other purchasing methods and can be used to buy a wide range of products and services.

The eTrade platform offers four types of auctions:

  • Open
  • Ranked
  • Sliding
  • Tender

Advantages of using reverse auctions for negotiations

Proven to deliver substantial cost savings

Negotiation process is paperless and transparent

Multi supplier bidding in real time for fast, effective results

How is eTrade different?

At eTrade Procurement, we simplify an often complex auction process that:

easily integrates with existing business infrastructure

offers an extremely user-friendly interface

works for companies of all sizes

needs minimal financial outlay to get up and running

doesn't require a major technical set up so won’t disrupt your business

eTrade’s solution

eTrade Procurement’s reverse auction platform is:


We have taken the proven method of reverse auctions and made it simple.


Leveraging the negotiation process to reduce costs and save time.


There is a minimal financial outlay and is accessible at all times.

Case Studies